How to stop 3x addiction & start 3x dating --- Key behavioral markers of porn addiction

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The key behavioral markers of porn addiction:

1. Desocialization
- refusal to participate in social events, ignoring invitations to friends and relatives in favor of self-isolation. Finding excuses to avoid any form of social interaction, looking for the causes to be as soon as possible at home. Desire to start watching porn may appear in first few seconds after coming home.

2. Secrecy - it it naturally to keep secret their sexual fantasies and inclinations, but in the case of porn addicted persons this desire takes a type of obsession . They take extraordinary measures to conceal from others pathologically frequent visiting porn sites.

3. Loss of sense of time - viewing porn sites can take several hours, but an addicted person does not feel it. By their own admissions, the relationship is all-consuming nature, which are lost and the sense of time, and the arguments of reason. It resembles alcoholic clouding of consciousness, followed by the next morning it is difficult to remember anything.

4. Negative impact on sexual life - a result of constant viewing of pornographic video develops desensitization - loss of ability to respond to any external sexual stimuli. According to sexologists , porn addiction contributes to the depletion of libido and decreased overall activity. Frequent masturbation minimize sexual relationship with a partner, especially their romantic component - the erotic relationship, foreplay, sensual intimacy with a partner.

5. Extrapolation of porn content on sexual life - waiting for a partner maximal similarity with your favorite porn star, the pursuit of the most exciting scenes restaging porn scenes in real life, frustration and anger due to mismatch between real partners and pornstars.

Most of these people experiencing difficulties in interpersonal communication. This is likely a consequence of the desire for self-isolation in order to preserve life. The best way - is to find real sex relation with real girl in you city, who wants the same. All you need - just create your profile on adult dating website

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